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Adoption and Guardianship Information

Adoption and Guardianship Information

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)

Information for prospective legal guardians and adoptive parents in Illinois.

Services Offered

Adoption Information • Foster Parent • Adoptive Parent • Guardianship • Minor Guardianship


DCFS provides informational resources for Illinois adults considering adopting a child, as well as those seeking to be appointed a child's legal guardian. Adoption creates a permanent legal relationship between an adoptive parent and a child, giving the adoptive parent the same legal rights and responsibilities as a biological parent. A child cannot be adopted unless the child's birth parents have voluntarily given up their parental rights or had their parental rights terminated by a court. Guardianship is an option when neither adoption nor returning to a parent's care is appropriate for the child. Guardians are often relatives who have been living with and caring for a child for at least six consecutive months. A guardian may be appointed even if the child's birth parents still have parental rights. Guardianship lasts until the child turns 18.


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How to Apply

The following information is available through the DHS web site.

Call 312-328-2778 or complete the online contact form (available in English and Spanish for more information or to begin the licensing process.